Embrace the unconventional

Emma's passion for dance began with shuffle-steps and tiny tutus in a small town on the Jersey Shore. Versatility and adaptability were instilled in her work ethic while training dance technique at Ovations Performing Arts Academy for twelve years. To create the well-rounded performer she is today, she extensively studied tap, jazz, contemporary, ballet and hip hop fundamentals up until her high school graduation.

Her love for knowledge and traveling brought her to California in 2014 to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Commercial Dance at Studio School Los Angeles, enrolling in their inaugural class. May 2018 marks a huge milestone for Emma - her college graduation! Companies she currently works with include CATASTROPHE! and Tap That Productions, an all female tap group. Her credits have ranged from musical theatre dance ensemble in Freedom Riders the Musical in NYC to principal dancer in boy band Pretty Much's "Would You Mind" and Thailand pop-rock artist Patee Sarasin's "Civil War" music videos. Emma continues her training with KreativMndz Dance Academy.

Think of her as Tinkerbell with tattoos - a sweet little pixie with an edge. Emma has a knack for adapting to any environment effortlessly. Her personality falls under an organized "Type A" in business and easygoing "Type B" in life. Production and work behind the camera holds a special place in her career path, as well, as she has worked with Brazil-Lionheart on multiple dance concept videos. The urge to travel guides her through an adventurous life, so expect to see her dancing across the globe!

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